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A wild Masaki Appears

uses sunshine attack

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Wanna friend me?
aiba angelic
This Journal is filled with my Arashi ramblings and some ramblings on life. I am an AIBA FAN so feel free to flail about him with me anytime ^_^

My favorite Pairing is SAKURAIBA!

Be warned I loooove to make fanvids. They were deleted from YT awhile ago but are now reuploaded. Aiba Speaks English  | Aiba Speaks English 2 |  Aiba Speaks English 3 I'm still amazed at how many people have seen those vids O_O

Others are a bit more... risky? They are pairing vids (slash).

I often post random Aiba spazzy comments or sakuraiba moments but I love everyone in Arashi! (and just about every arashi pairing)

So If you want to be added back comment here ^_^
Let me know why you want to be friends similar interest or something else.

Oh, I love your new layout! ....very distractingXD And I'm a fan of your fanvids, keep 'em coming;)
Why did I friend you? Because you're fun to talk to, you have a great imagination, and you bribe me with sweets or bait me with Jun;P Mata ne~^^

Thanks distracting thats a safe way to describe it XD
I definitley will ^_^
*blushes* you're so sweet!

You forgot to put a warning: "I am secretly H" xD

*runs away and hides*

p.s: Good choices of Aiba's pic! <3

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kfjskdlfjksdl I am not H *shakes head*
*thinks* ok mayble a little H
looks at layout ok very H XD

lures CK out of hiding with Sho pics

hehehehe we're already connected but only now i found out ure an aiba fan... too bad im not.... :( am an AIBA A-D-D-I-C-T ehehe

Wahhh How did I not know that you were just as obsessed with him as me? XD

woah!! new layout!! so great i visited you eljay before i shut down the pc.. ^_^
let's be friends laurachan ^_^ yoroshiku ne~

I couldn't settle on just one picture of aiba chan lol :D
Yes we must be friends aiba lovers must stick together ne! =D

I friended you for several reasons.
1. I think your aiba speaking english vid is hilarious
2. Aiba is my fav too!
3. Let's flail over sakuraiba together. =D

1. ^_^ gotta love his english
2. yes I need more aiba fan friends
3. Can do sakuraiba is my favorite pairing <333 btw that icon pure awesomeness

I am a big fan of Aiba-chan and your video as well.

Re: I love your videos

yay more aiba chan fans ^_^

awe *blushes* thank you so much I'm so happy that you like them =D

i just watched your second aiba speaks english vid. :x:x:x:x


I really enjoy watching all your fanvids!
Please add me^^

please add me! ^__^ i am an aiba ADDICT SRSLY, he's an adorable, cute baka <33
i love sakuraiba! wish i could see more of it ^__^

Added you back :) Yes another person to flail over aiba with XD
Sakuraiba is my favorite pairing the baka love is adorable <3

(Deleted comment)
Added you back :)

Oh thank you Hopefully I can get them reuploaded soon ^_^

OHMIYA ALL THE WAY!<3 lets be friends :3

oh I love your icon XD

added you too :)

Omg!!.. I love your fanvids!

They are great!!!

And your layout rules!!

I want to be your friend!!

Take care!!


thank you so much!!!

Aiba msut be in my layout XDDD and that screencap of him dancing made me 0_o so I had to use it ;D

I added you too

take care too!

I wanna be friends, cuz you have rainbows. XD

Just found you via kos_mos26, and adore your fanvids (am a bit jealous, XD). I love Aiba too, even though Nino's my ichiban, so I hope we can flail together sometime. ^__^

Finally someone want to be friends with me because of the rainbows! XDDD

Her SAAC story was AMAZING! *blushes* about the videos.

Yaya I love flailing about all of arashi gamer nino included :D

*tears of happiness*
i googled for sakuraiba vids and guess who i found??
the girl with the rainbows~!! ;p
i watched all ur sakuraiba vids
*wipe wipe tears of happiness*
they are all sooo sweet
please join this group if u hav time:

this group needs u to spice things up!!

Wow google led to me XDDD

hahah yes i have rainbows ^_~
Oh thank you so much I'm glad you like the sakuraiba vids!!!

I just added 2 GIFs to the group ^^;

im adding u... hope its alryt...

aiba speaks english was awesome so yeah i wuv it...

im a huge Sakuraiba fan so i think we have something in common... my banner is sakuraiba too so yeah...


Of course it is alright new friends are always nice.
And Yay for sakuraiba! added you back

akaisuki has moved..guess where 8DDD

add me back laura-chan ^_____________^

heia.. i'm adding you.. will it be fine?.. 'coz, like you, i'm an aiba fan!!! and i love Sakuraiba Rabu too!!...
ow.. and i love your GIF's and your fanvids as well...
nice work!!! specially the Secret Agent Aiba fanvid..=)....ow.. i'm not forgetting your Icons.. they're really the best!!!=)

I added you back :) Yay another Aiba-fan!!
I'm so glad you like sakuraiba too I like them a lot XD

I'm so glad you like them ^^;

I hope you don't mind adding you. I'm quite a new Arashi fan, but I really like Aiba and I'm fan of your fanvids 8D
So let me be your friend! *bows* =^^=

hi :) I don't mind ^^ friends are always nice.
aww thank you!!
I added you back ^_^

If you don't mind, I'd like to be your friend.^.^ I found your site through kos_mos26. I love all the picture stories and fan vids you've made, especially the one where Aiba speaks english! I'm currently addicted to Arashi, but my all time favorite pair is Sakuaiba.

I don't mind :D
oh I'm so glad you like them! ^_^
My favorite pair is sakuraiba too <3

hope it's ok if i add you!?? ^_^
also an aiba fan!! ^___^
and i love your fanvids!! ^___^
and i think u know my older sister (chaitanyadevana)
and i may have also found u on vox and bombarded you with a message...
and i'm random!..
so i hope it's ok! ^___^
looking forward to flailing with you! ^___^

Yay another aiba fan!!!
oh thanks ^_^
oh yeah I know your sister!
haha I'm random too, and I enjoyo flailing :D

Have added you! ^.^~
As we both love Arashi and Sakuraiba and we are also vox neighbors. ^.^ I love your fanvids! And curious how your next picture fic will turn out. ^.~
I'm sorry I'm no big writer so maybe I won't post many comments but will try my best ne ^.^

Jaa, yoroshiku ne!

Hi nanoa ^_^ I use my LJ a lot more often than vox.
Hehe should be interesting ^_~
just comment when you want too :)

jaa see you around LJ~

Let's be friends ne? ^____^

I've watched your fanvids, they're amazing! Even my lil' bro liked Aiba speaks english series XD

I love Aiba a lot. He's so cute and baka! ^^ And Sakuraiba is the best pair! So much rabu...

As for me, my ichiban is Jun, I also like Juntoshi pair and Ohmiya, and I always laugh to death with these five guys I love so much!

I hope you can friend me! *puppy eyes*


By the way, your LJ desing is just *_______*



XD I'm glad your brother likes them too

oh yay more jun friends :D I like juntoshi too I think its such a cute pairing.

how can I resist puppy eyes? XD
*added you back*

Rules are rules=)
Please add me back>_<

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! *sends lots of aiba pants*

Thanks Yuckie-chan!! *scoops up all the aiba pants* *runs off to try them on aiba XD*

I love your fanvids, i don't know how many times i've seen them!!!

And your picspam stories are fantastic!!! I really love arashi

Let's be friends!! Arigatouuu

I'm so happy you like them :)


I added you back I'll see you around LJ!


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