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Reaction Videos
aiba angelic
Because ariange forced me to will be posting some of my reaction videos.  First up is me reacting to opening a vixx Album but Don't worry 'll post an Arashi reaction vid next

*Kpop albums are known to come with photocards or special booklets with a random member of the group (I think it's marketing ploy to get fans to buy more than one album)

This is me reacting to opening up my first Vixx Album last Chrismtas. My favorite member is Leo and apparently I have NO FILTER when I am filming because I just start zooming in on abs and gasp at any skin revealing photos in the booklet LMAO.

Vixx is known for their STRONG concepts in music videos Arashi will always be my number one but I am in love with vixx now too!

Check out their music video for ERROR (TItle track of the album I react to in the vid)

I'll post the next vid soon~  Till then Lots of love~~~

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Sorry for the late comment! First of all, thank you! I hope you will keep posting your videos on LJ, too.

Christmas tree!
LOL at you just shoving the poster away onto the floor when you were done with it.
WOW! You got your fave? Lucky! Your reaction is so cute :D.
I gotta say, that's some nice packaging for a CD, all the photos and added stuff.

Cool PV, but the robots creep me out lol. That hat one of them is wearing...what...what is it even.

I am 84 years late with this reply oh me and livejournal T___T

They have amazing packaging! It's really exciting when you open a kpop CD because you usually get a random photo/photobook or CD cover. Clever Marketing to get fans to buy more copies.

LMAO the one in the tin hat is Ravi. The fandom teased him so hard over it. Vixx is known for going ALL OUT in their concepts But they have some really cute songs too!! LIke this and one of my personal faves GR8u ->

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