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Fanvideo Rec Post
aiba angelic
Here it is the New and hopefully Improved Fanvideo Master Post. Really I'm surprised at the number of videos (and I even left a few really obscure ones out ) . Unfortunately there are too many to embed, so I just linked them all to divshare. Please let me know if any of the links are broken or require a password.  I'm sure I made a mistake with all these links!  

If you have any suggestions, comments, requests please do so on this post : ) I'd also like to point out the new stream of the Secret Agent Aiba-chan Video which is listed below based on the fic b kos_mos26 nbsp;I finally got it to re-encode properly for divshare \o/

Love you Anyway| Jun/Toma | Drama

We were Kings | Sakuraiba | Drama

Hot Stuff Junma | Drama 

A Perfect Lie | Sakuraiba | Drama 

Beauty & the Beast | Ohmiya  | Yamada Taro/ Kaibutsu kun | Drama 

Touch My Body  | Sakuraiba | Montage

What it feels like for a girl | Sho x Maki Tokujo Kabachi | Drama

You Are Mine  | Sakuraiba | Based on the fic Posession b umitsubame Drama

Touching Video | Sakuraiba | Montage

Matsumoto Castle | Sakuraiba | Ohmiya | Junma | Drama

Guilty Beauty Love | Sakuraiba | Drama

Aiba Speaks English Volume 3 | Aiba English | Drama

When You Were Young | Ohmiya | Naruse/ Koichi | Drama

Feel Good | Sakuraiba| Montage

Arashi Mix | Ohmiya | Sakuraiba | Jun| Jun x Ohno | Arashi | Montage

Over The Rainbow | Ohno | Maou fanvid | Drama

Nothin' Else | Junma | Drama

Hikari | Sakuraiba | Drama

Crack Interview | Sakuraiba | Drama 

Stolen | Sakuraiba | Drama

If Arashi Were in Maou | Arashi/ Maou | Drama

Secret Agent Aiba Chan | Sakuraiba | Ohmiya | Toma x Shun | Based on the fanfic b kos_mos26 nbsp;| Drama

Come Home | Ohmiya | Drama

It Happened One Night | Sakuraiba | Drama

Smut Video | Sakuraiba | Drama

Sakuraiba So Sweet | Sakuraiba | Montage

Stop & Stare | Sakuraiba | Drama

Canned Heat | Aiba | Montage of his sexy dancing 

Sweetest Goodbye | Doumyouji x Makino | Hana Yori Dango Fanvid | Drama

Valentine's Day Vid | Arashi | Montage Growing up

Aiba Speaks English Volume 2 | Aiba English | Montage

Arashi Love | Arashi | Montage

Arashi Nightmare| Arashi | Drama | Death

Implications | Aiba x Jun | Drama

Jun x Nino | Jun x Nino | Drama

Arashi Can Dance | Arashi | Montage

Aiba Speaks English | Aiba English | Montage

If Hanadan Was a Horror Movie | Hyd fanvideo | Drama

Honeybeat | Arashi | Montage
Arashi's Lullabye | Arashi | Montage

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♥_♥OhMiGosh! full of Sakuraiba...i love to be here. Thank you very much for spreading d Sakuraiba love!!!

waaa~ so much Sakuraiba!! it's like heaven for me ♥♥♥
thank you~ ^^

Heeeeh went to the touch my body first... *_*

Hi!!! I just wanted to tell you how much i love you're videos, i've been a fan since your youtube days but saddly everything got deleted little by little :'( My favourites were the Aiba speaks english series and the sakuraiba love so sweet vid ^_^

A horrible thing happend to me a few days ago, my hard drive crashed, so everyhing and anything that i had downloaded arashi-related has been deleted, so i have to start everything all over again from scratch... so i was wondering if you could send me some dl links to your videos since all of them have been removed from youtube. I swear to god it's just for personal enjoyment and that i won't share them anywhere. It's just that i love your videos so much and i've been watching them for years so i really can't imagine not being able to watch them :'(

I really hope that my feelings come accoss to you :) <3

This comment made me ridiculously happy thank you so much for watching them I give credit to the aiba english vids to aiba XD I just compiled them.

I sent you a pm


Oh yeah Sakuraiba fanvids ippai ^O^
Thank you so much the awesome fanvids. I'm gonna watch them all XD
I'm one of your fans on tumblr :D

Thank you so much! Sakuraiba is my favorite pairing so they naturally get the most fanvids from me XD

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