aiba angelic

A wild Masaki Appears

uses sunshine attack

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Thing called love [Sakuraiba Fanvideo]
aiba angelic

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Too short :|
LOL the dancing part. It's good you have an OTP who provides so much "material", imagine doing a vid like that for Sakumoto D:

It took long enough to make that much lol.

It was a nice filler ;D lol Maybe that's why there aren't many sakumoto fanvideos.

Uwah!!!! This video is awesome!!!! I can feel so much Sakuraiba love <3. Thanks for sharing this!

XD thanks they have so many moments like this <3

Kyaaa~~~~ Love this loads~~~ All the latest Sakuraiba clips as well~

Sho chan has been making his advances on masaki and it's getting more and more obvious~~~ XDDD

I keep saying Sho can't get any more obvious and then he does LOL I love it!

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