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A wild Masaki Appears

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Holmes Game | Sakuraiba Fanvideo
aiba angelic


Back with another video! I neglect livejournal so much these days. I still check my friend list often but I hardly post.

Oh well, I hope you enjoy this one I had the biggest craving to make a video yesterday so I thought I would make a quick trailer. After trying and failing miserably to use kazoku game with Last hope the other week (nothing fit! Lighting, scenes etc) I was determined to use the drama this time.

When I was talking w/ ariange a while ago she mentioned that she thought KG would be difficult to use in a video too and she was right xD

If only they would make it easy on me and star in a drama together!!

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Woman, do you know what you just did to me!??!! Now I wanna watch that movie or write a fic based on that O___O Gawd, this is sooooo awesome I can't find the right words! This is pure evilness O_O Oh you know what I mean!!!

and yes, they should have a drama together! I demand it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

I'm shocked but oh so pleased by the reactions to this vid XDD

:D I think I would die of happiness if they stared in any drama or movie and as always Please feel free to write something based on it.

Thank you For watching!! <3 <3 <3

I have to say that I kinda was forced to write a fic based on this by two evil women andreja1989 and syunikiss1990 << still love you girls!!!
So please wait patiently for that, cuz I already started to catch bunnies so help me God xD

Hahah they sound like some pretty fun friends ;) Please force her to do more fics you two xD

I look forward to it!! And good luck~

Just wanted to say I started to write it and it seems to be longer than a one-shot... I have ideas :D So be patient :)

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know! :)

No problem :) Hope it will be good enough :/

WHOA! Nooooooo, I mean, yes, but...thisjustgfhdg.
You did really well mixing KG and MHnS (you might kill me, but I haven't seen all of it yet >.>; ), but it's oh so creepy, I'm not sure what I feel about Yoshimoto being that evil...or is he? ohohoho~

[You reblogged TOKIO! I was double checking if the post was really yours haha. But yes. Yes, I was. At one point I knew the exact minute it happened, now I just remember it's during "Na na na (Taiyou nante iranee)"]

Hahaha I love that whoa noooo XDD

The reactions to this are great!

Nah I'm not mad it took me forever to start watching KG and I'm so behind on nino's dramas OTL

Haha yes I did! Someone on my dash reblogged it and I thought of you~ <3

wish hard for them starring in a drama together >_<

owh, really really thank you for making this video and sharing, i'm sooooo love this video <3
thank you :D

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