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aiba angelic

January -2013

Hero Sakuraiba from yunyunsnow on Vimeo.


I'd do it all for you from yunyunsnow on Vimeo.


Thing Called Love from yunyunsnow on Vimeo.

June Again ;)

IF we meet again from yunyunsnow on Vimeo.


Cold | Ohmiya from yunyunsnow on Vimeo.


Holmes Game from yunyunsnow on Vimeo.

This was an angsty year for videos! Which is unusual because I usually avoid reading angst with a ten foot pole, but surprisingly I enjoy inflicting it upon others~ I had wanted to make another one before the end of the year but things got crazy.

So here's to 2014 \o/ I wonder what the first video of the year will be I bet you can guess what pairing it will be ;D

PS: I noticed that months that began with a J had the only happy videos hmm lol coincidence?

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Ugh this is amazing. All my Sakuraiba feels are exploding ★.★

Aww thanks~ Sometimes I try to mix up the pairings but I always go back to sakuraiba <3

omg I really love your videos ♥

All these happened in 2013?! Wow, the time is just beyond my grasp.
I can't pick a favorite: "Dr Hottie and Angsty MC" has that looking-down-at-hands scene I really like, "Sexy in Glasses and Sexy (Especially Windswept) Hair School Romantica" is really sweet, and all the others are great, too!

You know how there are always series of spots for a drama (15s and 30s)? How about coming up with something like that for a made-up drama, see if you could do them for each episode, but if not some general spots will do ;p. Which and how many Arashi members would be in it is up to you~.

Yeah it's so weird.. I like that I can see what months I was creative XD

LOL I love how you renamed them ;) I love all the black and white scenes in the 'school romantica' vid I remember the editing for that part went so fast and I was so happy haha

I'm kind of intrigued by this idea but I think I would be mauled if I made a 30s video lol I've been trying to make a video for the past few days but I'm going through a block...

I'll be able to do it when I don't have any time haha

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