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A wild Masaki Appears

uses sunshine attack

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Hey Strangers
aiba angelic
It's been far too long since I've posted here I'm mostly active on tumblr now But as an apology I wanted to share my too latest Sakuraiba vids

Both Creepy of course

Ignore the audio as it doesn't fit entirely with the subs but if you use your imagination LOL

So any of my friends still alive here on Livejournal?

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Sakuraiba rules <3 thanks for sharing

D: Why so dark and eerie? (and what do you mean by "of course"?!)
Now you need to do a compilation of recent silly and happy and funny SA!!

PS. I'm still here...just here...always. >.>

ETA: Why didn't you post your reaction video on LJ? I only know about it because I just went and randomly checked out your other stuff, but otherwise I wouldn't have seen it and it's super cute!!

Edited at 2015-09-18 07:31 pm (UTC)

Dark and eerie is my niche lately haha Which is so bizaree since I don't like angst fics but it's fun reading the comments *Cackles*

Aww I know dyani~~

I didn't post it cuz it's embarrassing LOL That's why I barely tagged it on tumblr

i'm alive, but not that 'live' xD
btw, i cant see the video :') my country banned the site
i really wanna see the videos...

good sakuraiba vids~~ as always^^

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